Website Development in Marlborough MA is Most Gratifying…

when a client calls to tell you that they have made  a(nother) “look-ma-no-hands” sale. That’s when their website did all the talking for them and the purchaser contacted them, having already made the decision to purchase from/work with them.

It’s happened a number of times, and most recently, yesterday (Friday, March 25, 2011). Early afternoon I received a call from  Emergency Signal Systems of Leominster, MA. They had just closed a deal for a 4-figure project. They were most surprised that their website was out there “working” for them, and called to let me know that it really did work!  

They said that when their new client called, it was a “done deal” – “When can you start my project?” Best of all, the project is a pilot and has the potential to grow into a much larger grossing project.  

I love to receive these calls.


Emergencey Signal Systems’ website went live in early December 2010.

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