Congratulations to Website Development Client Herwitz Associates!

I am very happy to announce that earlier this week, Adventures Online completed developing a website for marketing consultant Evelyn Herwitz of  Herwitz Associates, Worcester, MA.

Creation of the website was a collaborative effort.
For any website, you need:

  1. A design
  2. Content to go on the pages
  3. Someone to put 1 &  2 together… to build the vision… 

The design was created by a long-time friend of Evelyn. The content and search engine optimization were prepared by Evelyn herself.  Their vision was built by Adventures Online. 

The build consisted of creating web pages and a blog that looked exactly like the design created by Evelyn’s friend, and contained the content and search engine optimization components created by Evelyn. 

The website was developed on a WordPress platform.  Why WordPress? Because it has a content management system that Evelyn can use to maintain her blog and update her pages – and create new ones if she wishes.

Wishing Evelyn many prosperous projects generated from her website!
Website Developer for Herwitz Associates

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