Website Redesign: The Sudbury Foundation

Congratulations to the The Sudbury Foundation of Sudbury, Massachusetts who recently unveiled its redesigned website. Adventures Online had designed and developed the non-profit’s original website in 2002 and was delighted to be asked to do the redesign and development of the new website.

The Sudbury Foundation Redesign

2011 Website Redesign

The newly designed website is SEO-friendly, and features a wider pallet, two page layouts, a blog, and the ability for The Sudbury Foundation staff to update the content on all the web pages as well as the information in the left and right sidebars whenever they want.

Staff received two hours of in-office training and 3 documents that comprise the custom-written User Guide – and they are already blogging like pros!  Kudos and best of luck to The Sudbury Foundation!

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