Blogging is Working on your Business

It was  a week ago that I re-committed to myself to get back to writing in my WordPress blog – at a minimum twice per week. This is my second post this week – but – I’m not writing just to meet that number. I am writing because I realized something important while we were having the discussion about Why blogging is important. Oprah would say that I had an Aha! moment.

One of the aspects of blogging that we talked about was: What stands in the way of writing in our blogs even when we have blocked off the time? We explored each of the answers and classified them as reason or excuse

In the midst of that conversation, I discovered that while I like to share information via my blog, sometimes I need/want  to do research, and that casts a “homeworky-task” shadow on the joy of blogging. I sometimes don’t meet my commitment to blog because blogging “responsibly” is a task.  Derrr. That’s when it dawned on me.

Of course it is a task. BLOGGING IS WORKING ON YOUR BUSINESS. And as a solopreneur, I gravitate towards the tasks that give me the most joy…the stuff that I wanted to do so badly that I started my own business to ensure that I could and would..and those tasks are working-IN-the-business tasks – a happy safe place for solopreneurs. I had to laugh…as a solopreneur, it is such a familiar intersection of friction…working ON the business vs working IN the business.

And so now that it is reduced to textbook…blogs are Social Media. Social Media is part of Marketing. Blogging is a marketing task. Just like showing up in LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, I need to show up in my blog because my business is worth it!

I knew that. I was just reminded and was able to re-frame the “task” of blogging.

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