Page Speed and WordPress Blogs

As I’ve been attending presentations, workshops and conferences over the past months, there has been more and more emphasis (segments) on Page Load Time – the speed with which a page displays. (Since 2010, speed has been one of the factors that contributes to a web page’s rank in the search engine results pages.)

Google’s Steve VinterĀ  spoke about page speed in a March presentation to the Marlborough business community. Jonathan Hochman gave an entire presentation on page/website speed for SEMNE in June, and there were two or three sessions that I attended this weekend at WordCamp Boston that mentioned the importance of page load time. Indeed, I attended the presentation Optimizing WordPress for Speed and Scale given by Ben Metcalfe which was loaded with tips on how to decrease page load time.

I mention all of this to let you know that I have taken ONE baby step. I installed a highly recommended WordPress plugin called W3 Total Cache to my websites today. Prior to doing that I used pingdom tools to get a benchmark of the current speed.

I will wait some time and re-measure and keep you posted as to the results.

Have you been using W3 Total Cache? What kinds of results have you experienced?

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