WordPress SEO Teleclass for Career Directors International

SEO for WordPress Power BloggersIt’s August and I’m already excited about a teleclass that I will be giving for Career Directors International (CDI) members in mid-September!  Career Directors International offers a good number of teleclasses throughout the year, and I am honored to be among the 2012 presenters. Thanks, CDI!

The teleclass carries the same title as my eBook, “SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers“. The goal of the teleclass, and indeed the eBook, is to shed light on the many opportunities that bloggers have to guide Google and the other search engines into making decisions in their (the bloggers’) best interest.

I’m on a mission to help WordPress bloggers understand that they have much MUCH more control over how search engines view them and, ultimately, list them in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  Many bloggers think that the placement of their blogs in the search engines is “done” to them; that the search engines decide where they are going to list them and that is that! 

It’s true that the search engines decide where to list the blogs – but – and here’s the big  BUT – that decision is based on the information that bloggers provide them.

“…decision is based on the information that bloggers provide …”
This will be the focus of  the teleclass… helping bloggers understand that they are in control and showing them exactly where in WordPress they can tell the search engines who they are and what they do.

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