My WordPress Wishlist for 2013

While adding information to my Google+ profile today, I was writing about how I have a love-hate relationship with WordPress. Mostly, I am a proponent, but, there are some things that I dislike about it – like it’s evolution into a bloated piece of software with piggy behavior that is just not needed by probably 89% of its userbase.

Here’s my WordPress Wishlist for 2013:

  1. That WordPress developers add a toggle switch that will SHUT OFF re-coding of my HTML when I am using HTML view.  I have a ton of experience and know where the tags go. Somedays, I fight with WordPress because it re-assembles my divs and paragraphs. Let me take responsibility for my blog. Do what I say and let me worry about how it will be interpretted in the browsers.
  2. That WordPress developers build in a toggle switch that turns versioning OFF so that sole proprietors like myself can avoid the overhead of having every ‘saved’ version of our posts being stored in the database.  Yes, WordPress saves EVERY SINGLE  ‘saved’ version of your post. I haven’t published this post yet, and already WordPress has 6 copies.

    Wordpress Versioning

    Wordpress Versioning on Unfinished Post

  3. That WordPress developers add a toggle switch that enables bloggers to TURN OFF the creation of multiple versions of photos. WordPress stores up to 4 copies of every uploaded image – the original and three others at sizes that it has predetermined. Let the blogger be responsible for the content. I always re-size images before uploading and teach my clients to do the same. I only need the version I upload.
    WordPress Creates Multiple=

    The image above was reduced to the exact size I wanted (355 x 90) yet - WordPress created two other versions

These are my top 3 wishes… What are you wishes for improving WordPress in 2013?

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