Social Engagement Optimization, the new SEO

This morning while catching up with industry news on Google+, I ran across an article by Alan K’necht about search engine optimization (SEO) and how that has evolved to include the influence of social media.

It’s the conversation that I have been having (trying to have) with clients and prospects over the last 6 months at least; how search engine optimization now includes optimization tactics for your social media presence participation. Your social interactions – how often you communicate, with whom you communicate and about what you communicate – are becoming more and more important to getting found on the Internet.

K’necht points out that in his experience, C-levelĀ  management is slow to pick up on the marketing opportunities available via social media websites (and the need to plan and strategize about social media activities), yet, they understand the power of word-of-mouth marketing…and scratches his head perplexed by the imbalance of those two.

With that, K’necht suggests a strategy for social engagement optimization – a new take on SEO. It’s a good, quick read that explains better than I. Read the article: The New SEO = Social Engagement Optimization

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