Getting to Blog Worthy Presentation

Getting to Blog Worthy is the name of the presentation I recently gave to twenty eager bloggers at the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce in Marlborough, MA.  Kudos to the Chamber for recognizing the importance of blogging and offering this seminar, and,  kudos to the attendees who showed their Boston Strong by carrying on as they had planned despite the unsettling shutdown of multiple cities and frightening news reports out of Boston. SO, we took control of this one hour and decided to have fun.

After introducing myself, everyone filled in a personal profile – to be kept private and used as a reference during the rest of the presentation.  Next, together, we took the “Is it Blog Worthy or Not” quiz (list of ten blog titles).  It started out bumpy, but, everyone got the hang of it by the time we got to the eight title – and – most were surprised to learn the definition of blog worthy just through these mini discussions of blog titles.

After that, we looked at Google search results which set the stage for keeping our eye on the prize. Why get blog worthy rightWe went on to talk about the attendees’ areas of expertise, their target audiences, and their current business goals. Next we explored strategies for finding topics to write about, keeping the content relevant, and keeping their target audience coming back.

We talked about blog SEO, Google+ and Google Authorship and the types of posts that will get you higher rankings. Finally, two scheduling strategies and one blog scheduling tool were introduced in order to keep ideas fresh and the blog posts coming.

Some Take-Aways…

  • Blog-worthy content is content that will compel visitors to take the “call to action”
  • Blog-worthy content can be written in such a way that you help your blog get better rankings in the search engines
  • Blog-worthy content changes depending on your area of expertise, your business goals, your target audience
  • If you’re blogging, it is worth while to set up G+ and Google Authorship in order
  • ‘Evergreen’ blog posts can help you preserve your ranking

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