Domain Names – The Secondary Market

Did you know that there is a secondary market for domain names? When domain names expire and the owners do not renew, frequently the domain names are put up for auction. Approx. 21,000 domain names (yes, that’s twenty one thousand) are up for auction each day.

What you should know…

  1. Adventures Online is a domain name reseller and is allowed to participate in the auctions.
  2. Generic domain names can help you get found on the Web. Examples:,,,,

What you should do…

  1. Let Karen Callahan know the domain name you are looking for – even a portion of a domain name is good. Say you are looking for a domain name “starting with” or “containing” the word “website”. Let me know, and I will add it to my watch list.
  2. I will notify you when a domain name becomes available.
  3. You let me know whether you want to bid on the domain name.

Domain names can sell for as little as $10.00 (ten dollars) up into the millions. See GreatDomains for a look at some of the higher end domain names. Starting prices on eBay are less than one dollar.

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