WordCamp Providence: JavaScript, Backbone and Underscore

While at WordCamp Providence over the weekend, I attended a presentation by K. Adam White entitled, Evolving your JavaScript with Backbone.js.

K. Adam talked about the use of JavaScript in WordPress, and what a great thing jQuery was and how jQuery changed WordPress in a good way. Now jQuery usage has evolved into Backbone and Underscore, and they will change WP in an equally good way.

I learned lots of technical gobbly-gook which is of no interest to my clients… A couple of take-aways are:

  • Backbone.js v 1.0 is now bundled in the core WordPress starting with WP 3.6
  • 12.5% of code shipped with WP is JavaScript
  • WordPress moving more towards JavaScript-driven product than PHP-driven product
  • Backbone.js is a library of models, collections, views that provide structure to programs
  • Backbone complements jQuery and Underscore JavaScript libraries

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