Domain Names, Registrars, and Records

I am posting this today because in the few short days I have been back from vacation, I have had reason to view the records of 6 or 7 domain names. I found that 47% of them contain outdated information. For your own protection, it is critical that your domain name registration record be kept current.

Most important is to check that a company employee is listed as the Registrant and that the e-mail and street addresses associated with the Registrant are accurate and active. Registrars recognize the Registrant as the “owner of record” and will only communicate with that person about the domain name.

To check the validity of your domain name record:

  1. Click this link to WHOIS
  2. Enter your domain name ( in the search box and click the Search button
  3. The WHOIS Search Results Screen will display the information on file

If your record is outdated, contact the Registrant and ask them to update it.

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