Getting Found in the Search Engines

How do you get traffic to your Web site? You need very good to excellent rankings in the search engines.

And how do you get those?
You include search-engine friendly components that make the search engines want to frequently revisit your Web site. According to a recent article by SiteProNews one of the best ways to do this is to include dynamic content at your Web site.

“Dynamic content is necessary for search engine recognition, and by updating the website frequently, the search engines see your website as an active, not stagnant, website. How often should changes be made? At the very least, monthly. But the more frequent the changes, the better…”

Dynamic content is a search-engine friendly component that will help you improve your “natural” search engine rankings (techno-speak for “for free rankings”). Some implementations of dynamic content are:

  • Blogs
  • Weekly or monthly newsletters
  • Tips of the day
  • RSS feeds to public news feeds that update hourly or daily.

Please note that these are all text-based. For example, having a Web page with your monthly newsletter information on it will get you higher rankings than updating a Web page that has a link to a PDF version of the newsletter.

SiteProNews also cautions Web site owners to check links frequently to ensure that they are active and valid.

The full SiteProNews article.

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