WordCamp Boston

I (Karen Callahan of Adventures Online) am registered for WordCamp Boston, running Friday through Sunday,  October 25 – 27, 2013. Daily sessions are not posted yet, but, I always learn so much, I reserved my seat this week.

WordCamp Boston 2013

This is one of the ways that Adventures Online stays on top of the quickly changing Internet environment and in particular, WordPress developments and upcoming features.

Experts are projecting that there will be 1 BILLION websites by the end of 2013 and 2 BILLION by end of 2015. At WordCamp Providence in August, Andrew Nacin shared that WordPress had 18.9% of the market and was positioning itself to stay on pace with the Internet growth.  In early October, W3Techs reported in its post, Usage statistics and market share of WordPress for websites that WordPress had 20.1%.

Adventures Online is staying in ouch and positioning itself to maintain its skills and knowledge in order to provide WordPress development and training to a small percentage of the owners of those 1-2 billion websites. 🙂

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