Still Wondering About the Popularity of Blogs and RSS Feeds?

In an earlier post, I wrote about the shift from subscribing to receive e-mail alerts (about your favorite subjects) to subscribing to RSS Feeds.
Some of you may be wondering whether Blogs and RSS Feeds are here to stay. Here’s some interesting stats recently posted by the Bloglines Team Members on their website.

On Jan. 17, 2006, Bloglines ( reported that:

We’re proud to say that Bloglines has experienced tremendous growth, more than tripling subscribers, feeds and articles in less than a year. On January 5th we topped 1 billion articles and we’re currently pulling in new articles at a rate of 3-4 million per day. For those number naysayers out there, keep in mind that we only keep articles from feeds that users have subscribed to (which also keeps our splog count lean). …

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