Tip for Adding Entries to Your Blog

Blog programs come with pre-defined themes. Themes are the “style” of the pages – the colors, fonts, graphics, style of menu items, highlighting, etc. If you are using a robust blogging tool, you selected the theme you wanted when you set up your blog.

Here’s a tip to preserve the font that goes with the theme you chose.

When cutting and pasting from a word-processing document, first cut and paste the text from the original document into a TEXT editor like (Notepad or BBEdit). Then cut it out of the text editor and into the blog’s entry field. Then use the blog’s style controls (bold, italicize, link, etc.) to re-style the text.

Why should you care?

Cutting directly from a word-processing document can sometimes cause the original font to be embedded in the information that is cut. If you cut and paste from multiple word-processing documents, multiple blog entries display in multiple fonts.

Preserving the blog theme’s font provides a consistent presentation. Consistent presentation is not only neat and easy to read, it tells your audience that you are consistent – a good message.

Happy blogging!

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