Q4 Website Review and Budget Planning

Now that Labor Day has passed us by, many of us will be reviewing our books, taking note of our successes thus far, maybe adjusting our plans to meet our 2007 Fiscal Year goals, and preparing our website budget for 2008.

Here’s a list of items to take a look at and include in your website budget.

  • General maintenance items like:
    • Updating the copyright date on all pages
    • New/retired employees on your staff page
    • Updates to your Seminars, Workshops, and Events pages
    • Update contact information if you moved during the year
    • Testing and updating the links that you provide in your Resource/Links page
    • Updating the Sample Newsletter. The sample newsletter should be dated within the last quarter.
    • Updating Job Opportunities
    • Removing the “NEW” label next to content that has been posted for two months or longer
    • Updating your bio and company history. Oftentimes, these contain phrases like “15 years experience” and “established 10 years ago”.
  • Upgrading applications that you may use. For example, Ad Management, eCommerce (shopping cart/catalogue), and Blog software packages. It is a good idea to stay current with these packages -and- it is less expensive to keep current with the newer versions than it is to take a leap from an older version. (See my previous post, Web News and Blogs Upgraded. Had I stayed current, it would have taken a lot less time.)

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