Personal Branding: Pausing to Reflect

Last week, I attended a workshop about Personal Branding. We were asked to list 3 adjectives that describe our personal brand. Some struggled to choose the “right” three, so, the instructor guided them by asking, “Well, what do your clients say?”

This got me to thinking about the comments I have heard repeatedly over the years. The top 4 comments are: 

  1. “You explain technical stuff in terms that I understand.”
  2. “We are suprised at your abililty to interpret exactly what we want and develop a solution that melds seamlessly with our website”.
  3. “The thing I like most about working with you is that you do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it – and – if there are any changes, you contact us and let us know the situation and solution.”
  4. “The administration modules you created make updating the information on our website so easy.” 

It was nice to recall those comments, and reflect on them then and now. In the course of the day, trying to meet deadlines, managing projects, and responding to last-minute requests, I forget about the things that I am doing “right” – that service my clients in a most satisfying and sometimes suprising way! I think I’ll sit with that for a while 🙂

BTW – The three adjectives I chose were sincere, reliable, and thorough. On another day, I will explore how those match with what my clients are saying and with the image my website portrays.

Happy Blogging!


One Response to “Personal Branding: Pausing to Reflect”

  1. Sabrina says:

    Thank you for the great post. Another very important thing about your brand – when done right, it attracts the type of companies you want to work for and repels those that you don’t want. Saving you and the companies a lot of time and effort. The confidence knowing your brand gives is palatable – whether in writing or in a phone interview this confidence draws attention.