WordPress 2.6 – DON’T upgrade yet

I just installed the latest version of WordPress – as a clean install – for a client. Well, let me tell you that the latest version (2.6) is not ready for prime time. The Permalinks – to me one of the most valuable features – do not work. If Adventures Online installed your blog, chances are the blog uses Permalinks. If you install WordPress 2.6, the links (your menu items and links within your posts) will no longer work.

A feature that has been added is the storage of “revisions”. Now, instead of having one record in your database for each page or post, you will have multiple records – and there is no toggle switch to shut this feature off. So, if you edit a post 5 times, you’ll have 5 records for that one post. It is a disgraceful waste of space, especially since there is no way from the admin to rollback to a revision. So WHY hold on to them? 

I went to the WordPress forum to see what “I” was doing wrong and why these things were happening. I am very discouraged to learn that the attitude of the developer (Otto) responding to the questions (for these two items) was incredulous. Obviously, a person who has no real-life experience – with computer systems nor life in general.

So I am discouraged. After praising WordPress as the only blog tool to be using since 2003, and encouraging all of my clients to invest their time and money in it, they release a version that acutally breaks your blog, wastes a lot of space, and they don’t really care.

 I am hoping that they will listen to the multitudes of persons writing in the forum. 

Don’t upgrade to 2.6 just yet. 2.6.1 is suppose to have fixes for the Permalinks. I don’t know if it will address the storing of “revisions”.

I’ll let you know when I know more.


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