WordPress Blog Sells for $15 Million

Yes, you read correctly!  15 MILLION dollars… AND the blog was owned by a single person, John Wu. Mr. Wu’s Bankaholic.com sold to Bankrate.com for $12.4 million up front with $2.5 million to come over the next year or so…

I subscribe to Daily Blog Tips, and author Daniel Scocco mentioned a post by Patrick Gavin: Most Expensive WordPress Blog Ever Sold?

“I was looking at this deal and was thinking if this isn’t the highest price tag paid for a single WordPress blog than it must be the most profitable WP blog ever sold! A deal estimated at $15M, seemingly all organic search traffic (so no cost for the traffic, the site is highly ranked for many top banking terms, ie “CD Rates“), and one employee! Well done John Wu.”

UK-based BlogStorm blogger Patrick Altoft had this to say:

“Blogs have huge value, we all just need to wait until the world realises just how valuable they are and then there will be a lot of rich ex-bloggers around.”

I agree. Keep on blogging!!!


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