Bravo WordPress 2.7!

Just a few months ago I cursed the WordPress 2.6 release, and now I am very pleased to report that I have installed two WordPress 2.7 blogs, and upgraded one from WordPress 2.5.1 to 2.7, with excellent results. Most important for me is that I did not have to add any code to the .htacess file; no disabling of system security features to make it run seamlessly.

WordPress 2.7 has a brand new interface. I groaned when I first saw it, thinking that it was going to confuse me and my clients. Now that I have been using it for a while, I find the WordPress 2.7 interface to be stellar!  It is easy to find what you are looking for. You click on the item (Posts, Pages, Media, Links, Comments, etc.) and the menu of actions for that item drops down. Click on the action and start writing, editing, uploading, or approving.

WordPress 2.7 still has the revisioning which I wrote about in the post about WordPress 2.6. I don’t want it, and I have not found a way to disable it. And autosave… haven’t found a way to disable that either… and that drives me crazy. Sometimes when I am writing a post, I stop to do research in another browser, I come back to the post to see a message in red at the top that says that a later auto-save version exists and would I like to use that. Nooooooooooo. I haven’t finished yet. The thing that scares me about that is that it calls to mind the Microsoft® products… I find it frustrating, maddening, really, when a product changes what I am doing because it thinks it knows best… I just want the product to do what I want, not to try to interpret what I want. Just Do It!

So, I’m displeased that WordPress is taking the route of knowing better the intentions of the writer than the writer him/herself. I am very pleased with the new interface and that WordPress 2.7 works right out of the box! I encourage everyone to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 as fast as you can.

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