Social Media Teleclinic

I recently participated in a teleclinic about social media called Get Connected. Get Found.™. Debra Murphy of Masterful Marketing in Marlborough, MA developed and delivered the program. The clinic included two 90-minute sessions, a week apart.  Participants dialed in to get connected via the phone, then followed along as Ms. Murphy presented the information in the packet of (over 40) slides she had prepared for each session. Participants asked questions and discussed as each topic was covered.

The slides included:

  1. Detailed information about the social media websites
  2. Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your social media accounts in a way that presents you in the best light.
  3. Tips on how to get the Big 3 (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to play together (so you can avoid duplicating your efforts when updating). Come to find out,  you’ll need a Google account and Google Alerts to help.
  4. And, so much more.

I signed up for the teleclinic because I had set up accounts at the Big 3, and over the past year and a half, have dabbled at each site, not really understanding how to make them “work” for me. My original intent was to focus on LinkedIn and Facebook, and maintain a presence at Twitter – because I had to. Turns out that what I considered to be the black sheep in the trio (Twitter), resulted in more connections, more immediate responses, more information being shared, and yes, more community. That was an eye opener!

I came to the teleclinic thinking, “I’ve got my accounts at the Big 3 – Now What?” I learned that it is not enough to just have “accounts” set up with each of the social media websites. It is important to present a consistent “persona” across all of the social media websites – and that involves defining your “message” and “image”, strategizing, and planning. I also learned that the Big 3 (when set up correctly) play together well, and, that there is a plethora of adjunct tools that are available to help you keep the websites updated and in synch, and track interactions.

So, the teleclinic is chock full of information and tips that guide you through the social media experience. In addition to the slide packets for each session, participants received recordings of the sessions – and – a copy of Ms. Murphy’s e-book entitled, Get Connected. Get Found.™: The Practical Guide to Marketing Using Social Media. 

I highly recommend that web professionals and web diy’ers participate in this social media teleclinic. The next sessions are June 16 & June 23, 2009. To learn more about the teleclinic and/or to sign up visit Get Connected. Get Found™.  More information about Debra Murphy of Masterful Marketing.

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