Susan Joyce of gets Big TIME Exposure!

Congratulations to long-time colleague, DEC co-survivor, and client Susan P. Joyce of for the recent article that appeared in both the online and print versions of Time Magazine!

Time’s online article entitled, “Job-Search Scams on the Rise in the Recession” by Barbara Kiviat tells the story of how online job seekers are being scammed; their identities stolen, credit cards opened in their names racking up thousands of dollars of charges, after having responded to “fake” job postings at work-search websites.

It quotes Susan,

“The scammers have gotten so much more active since the recession,” says Susan Joyce, who runs the work-search site “There are more of them and they’re more sneaky.”

The article goes on to highlight a very significant difference between job postings at and larger websites like Monster and CareerBuilder. The difference is that is proactive in its attempts to preclude fake jobs from ever appearing on its website. monitors the postings, researches the companies, and attempts to validate the positions before posting them to the public. The author of the Time article went on to report,

“That simple process leads her [Susan Joyce] to toss about a third of the postings she receives. On larger sites like Monster and CareerBuilder, there’s no one doing that legwork for you. And the scammers are definitely out.” [bold added by me]

If you know Susan Joyce, be sure to congratulate her on this high-profile exposure.

Help your family, friends, and colleagues who are seeking new positions. Let them know that actively works to create a safe environment for job seekers. 

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