New Responsive WordPress Website Launched for CPS Corporation

Congratulations to CPS Corporation on the recent launch of its freshly-designed, responsive  WordPress website. CPS is a full-service HVAC firm in Marlborough, MA.

During the past year, the owner Phil Baldwin worked with his marketing firm to create a modern design that reflects the enthusiastic “can-do” energy of the company, and that displays well on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Phil’s goals were 1) to be accessible to all who need his company’s services, 2) to have a website that is user-friendly on each of the devices a visitor could use, and 3) to have an updated design that reflects the dynamic energy of the company.

Top of new home page

The new home page features the trend of having longer pages with multiple sections that highlight different topics of interest. [Click to view larger.]

When the design was complete, the marketing firm handed it off to me, Karen Callahan of Adventures Online, to develop the website using WordPress and the Avada theme and framework.  I developed the redesigned website, updated the CSS for responsiveness to different devices, created separate menus for several devices, created special definitions of h1-h6 tags for content display and SEO, tested for presentation and responsiveness on the different devices, collaborated with the marketing firm as the website build progressed, and, met periodically with Phil to review the website and confirm his choices and satisfaction with the results. After several review-n-tweak cycles, the website was ready to launch.

CPS’s responsive, SEO-friendly WordPress website was launched in June 2017.  Several updates have been made since. Updates will continue to be made as the SEO metrics indicate and business offerings evolve.

Drop by to visit CPS Corporation’s website and let them know your impression.


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