Adventures Online’s Website on WordPress

For about one and one half years, I have been encouraging clients and audiences to migrate their websites to the WordPress® platform. Yes, the blogging software platform. At speaking engagements and during phone consultations, I have repeatedly said “the best thing you can do to position your business for the future is to migrate your website to a WordPress platform.”

Since the same timeframe, I have developed as many new websites on the WordPress platform as I could (as my clients have allowed).  And today, I am proud to announce that Karen Callahan of Adventures Online is walking the walk after having talked the talk for so long. Adventures Online’s website has been migrated from an HTML-based website with a blog attached to run entirely on the WordPress platform! Oh, it is still a work in progress and it will be a while before it meets my endpoint vision, but, the migration part c’est finit!

What’s the big deal you ask?  In the past, my website has suffered from the “cobblers kids” syndrome. I was always too busy working on everyone else’s website to bring my own website up to speed. Now, it is right up there with what I am preaching and hopefully, that will lend more credibility to my recommendation for others to move their websites to WordPress.

Two clients of Adventures Online who have migrated to WordPress as well:

  1. WMCT TV of Marlborough, MA
  2. Next Generation Communications of Marlborough, MA

If you would like your website migrated to WordPress, call 508-480-8833 to talk with Karen today!

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