Tip for Adding Video to a WordPress Blog

When I train clients on how to maintain their WordPress® blog, I schedule an appointment for one and one half hours and come armed with a customized, 14 – 17 page document entitled something like: WordPress® Blog Maintenance Instructions. The document is large because it includes snapshots of their blog administration pages as well as the written instructions.

Up until now, I have included snapshots of WordPress’ Add Video screens and added my written instructions. Yesterday, after training a client, I realized that in the past year, I have recommended that my clients ignore those instructions, and go on to explain that there is another way to add video that is in their best interest from a getting found on the Internet (SEO) standpoint. So using this other way, they will get a bigger bang for their effort.

I recommend that they add their video to YouTube, then embed the video in their blog.

Why? Because YouTube is owned by Google and adding your video to YouTube is another way to tap Google on the shoulder to let it know that you are alive and well and thriving. Also, when you add a video to YouTube, there are a number of fields for adding descriptive information. When you add the descriptive information, you use your keyword terms…effectively adding SEO to your YouTube video.  Another advantage of adding your video to YouTube is that it can be used on other’s websites  – if you choose – so, YouTube provides a free distribution channel for you.

Many clients are reluctant at first because they are unfamiliar with “embedding” videos. With WordPress and YouTube, embedding videos is easy! I wrote a post explaining how to embed video in a WordPress blog,  Embedding video in a WordPress blog

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