Kudos to client & local cable station WMCT TV

Last night I attended the first annual Employment Options Celebrity Roast. This year’s celebrity was former Massachusetts State Representative Steve LeDuc. The Roast was emceed by Channel 5’s Ed Harding, and included videos, powerpoint presentations, and roasters. Roasters included Steve LeDuc’s friends, former employees and former Massachusetts Speaker of the House, Thomas Finneran.

WMCT TV Marlborough Local CableMarlborough’s local cable TV station, WMCT TV was there in full force. Five employees, 4 cameras, pre-recorded videos, and more. I learned from WMCT TV staff that they had been preparing for weeks; creating and editing original videos, and coordinating efforts and scripting the evening’s festivities with David Greenwood of David A Greenwood Associates (PR) and Toni Wolf, Executive Director of Employment Options.

As a spectator, it was a learning experience to see the amount of staff and equipment it took to record the evening. Witnessing what that took, I can not even begin to imagine the hours it must have taken to prepare the videos that they showed last night. They had produced the “Person on the Street” interviews, the “Let’s Cut Live” segments with Heather Unruh (Channel 5) and Dan Guindon (WMCT TV),  the Steve LeDuc bio, and…all the other videos.

My hat is off to them this morning! Great job WMCT TV…So proud to have you as a client! I hope you are making CDs of the Roast!

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