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2015 WordCamp Rhode Island – Sept. 25 & 26

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Through the years, you know that I have attended as many of the local WordCamps as possible, and documented (here) lots of what I learned. WordCamps are a great way to learn more about WordPress, but also to connect with other WordPress enthusiasts. And I mean enthusiasts! In the 11 years I have been developing with WordPress, I have attended a lot of general networking events, seminars, conferences, workshops, and meetups, and none measure up on the enthusiasm scale to the WordPress-centric ones. There is something about WordPress that brings out the nice in everyone. You feel comfortable and connect with others and learn in a stress-free environment.

2015 WordCamp Rhode IslandThis year, I am happy to announce that I am one of the organizers for the 2015 WordCamp Rhode Island.

WordCamp Rhode Island will be held at the New England Institute of Technology – East Greenwich Campus, Friday and Saturday, September 25 & 26, 2015. There will be three tracks, Beginners, Developers, and Business, and presentations and workshops will be geared to ALL levels of WordPress experience and knowledge.

Attendees receive a logo T-shirt and WordPress-related swag, breakfast tidbits, lunch and snacks both days, and entrance to Saturday’s After Party! Who doesn’t like a party?

Students go for free and the rest of us pay $20 (for ALL that!). Purchase your tickets today!

Not convinced? More reasons you should attend 2015 WordCamp Rhode Island!



Rotary International U.N. Day

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014, I had the privilege of going to the United Nations with other local Rotarians to participate in Rotary Day at the U.N.

“Each year at Rotary UN Day, more than 1300 Rotarians including many Rotary International Directors, Foundation Trustees, past Senior Leaders, and guests come together at UN Headquarters in New York. The program is designed to inspire and educate all participants as well as provide insight into the relationship between Rotary and the United Nations…” (from

It was a wonderfully UPLIFTING and SOBERING experience.

It was uplifting hearing about the positive results of global and single-location programs.

At the Economic Development break out session, the panel spoke about an Entrepreneurship Camp (video) that was held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in June, 2014. The program included two weeks of business workshops, taught networking skills, and paired each Haitian participant with a mentor with whom he/she will connect periodically via technology.

At the Human Trafficking break out session, the panel spoke about the magnificent progress made in Bihar, India. The programs teach and empower women, at-risk and survivors of slavery and sex trafficking, to make a salary to support themselves.  The audience was introduced to several of the participants in the program via a video. Sadly, we were introduced to a tiny young girl who was later raped and murdered and thrown in a river.

The call to action was to practice conscious buying by purchasing fair trade products. Purchasing fair trade products will raise the demand for products that have been certified to use vendors whose workers are paid legitimate wages and work “regular” hours. The name of one program in Bihar is Nomi Network. Nomi has its own label, and is active in Cambodia as well.

It was sobering to hear the numbers of human beings who still need help, and, in particular the numbers of humans who are being preyed upon by other humans. The statistics related to human trafficking are astounding.

“Approximately 32 million people live in slavery today. This modern day form of slavery is a $99 Billion industry. Said to be the most profitable illicit industry in the world, it is quickly growing and surpassing the illegal sale of drugs and arms.” (from

Staggering information. I will be practicing conscious buying by looking for Fair Trade labels and shopping at the Nomi Network website.

So, it was a surprising day. I expected to network with other Rotarians and learn about programs that I had no knowledge of previously, but, I didn’t expect to return home, still  shaking me in disbelief at the numbers associated with human trafficking and now knowing that my country, the United States of America, the Free country is one of the #1 consumers!


Here’s some photos of the day:


Commencement speeches


Economic Development Panel


Me and Marilyn Perry before session


Fellow Rotarians waiting for session to start

Speaking Engagement with MMHA

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association logoI am honored to have been invited to speak later this month at the annual Mid-Year Meeting for the Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA). MMHA is a statewide not-for-profit organization that represents manufactured housing community owners, manufacturers, insurers, realtors, financiers and suppliers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I will be presenting What’s Hot & What’s Not for Your Online Presence in 2013. Here’s a sampling of questions that will be addressed:

  • What must a website have in 2013?
  • What is nice to have on a website in 2013?
  • How do you make your website give the image of a thriving business?
  • How does social media affect your website?
  • With limited time, on which social media websites should you participate?
  • Why do I have to worry about Google? Bing? AOL? Yahoo? YouTube?
  • Newbies: Do you create a website or a blog? a hybrid?

Business Attorney Jeffrey K Schaffer Launches Website

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Congratulations to Adventures Online’s client Jeffrey K Schaffer, business attorney in Marlborough MA, on his new website. Jeff hired Karen Callahan to work with his designer, Justin Clapp of Clapp Design.

Jeffrey K. Schaffer business attorney Marlborough MA

Home page of business attorney Jeffrey K. Schaffer's new website


The design is unique in that it looks like there are multiple pages, however, there is only one physical page. Four requirements for website development were:

  1. Develop a responsive website so that the photos and text scale as the viewing device (phone, tablet, desktop, TV) changes
  2. Instead of repainting the whole page, bring pages up to meet the menu panel so that the menu panel is always on display and in the same spot.
  3. Display “highlights” about each section in a left sidebar in each section
  4. Use WordPress as the website’s base so that the client can update the content on each virtual page


  1. CSS was used to accomplish the responsive design requirement.
  2. JavaScript was used to “bring pages up” to meet the menu panel
  3. Four custom sidebar programs were created using PHP, registered in WordPress and selectively displayed using a third-party widget in order to accomplish the “highlights” requirement.
  4. A custom web page template was developed using PHP in order to include individual WordPress pages into the virtual pages of the website.

Jeffrey K Schaffer’s website

More about WordPress website developer Karen Callahan

More about graphic designer Justin Clapp

2012 WordCamp Boston

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

I attended WordCamp Boston held at BU this weekend. The schedule was loaded with interesting topics; three sessions running at a time with no repeats… Even though my head wanted to explode at the end of each day, I am grateful for the information shared, the tasks I now have on my to-do list, and the new connections I made.

I’m very excited about being able to do even more customization for my clients to simplify the WordPress interface, plus speed up the loading of web pages. I have already begun to apply some of what I learned – and that is a good feeling.

The venue was great – easily accessible, large enough and cool with a seating area outside if you wanted the heat.

I’ll be writing about some of the topics I learned here, so, stay tuned.

Kudos to @kurteng and @wordcampboston for the great presenters and great organization of the days.