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WordPress Website with Redesign

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Adventures Online has been chosen to redesign the Bodkin & Mason, LLP website. Bodkin & Mason, LLP is a personal injury law firm headquartered in Worcester, MA.

Bodkin & Mason’s primary business requirements include:

  • A fresh, new design that meets the website standards of 2014
  • A website redesign that maintains a consistent look across platforms: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Ability for Bodkin & Mason’s staff to update the content, and even add content, and perhaps add pages, at will.
  • A redesign that gives a tone of strength, success, and modern
Bodkin & Mason HTML website

Bodkin & Mason HTML website (click larger before)

Bodkin & Mason’s current website is built using HTML, JavaScript, and PHP (for behind-the-scenes processing of forms). Pull-down menus display as the cursor rolls over main menu items on tabs across the top. Most pages include content with a related images and each page links to other pages in the website.

Website Solution

The redesigned website will be built on a WordPress platform. Building the website on WordPress was an obvious choice in order to accomplish two of Bodkin & Mason’s goals:

  • A website design that maintains a consistent look across platforms: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
    This is called a responsive design. The consistent look across platforms is accomplished via the underlying infrastructure of the design and the lengthy and complicated style sheets that are built into the most recent versions of WordPress.
  • Ability for Bodkin & Mason’s staff to update the content, and even add content, and perhaps add pages, at will.
    The WordPress package comes with built-in tools for maintaining content; content on pages and content in a blog. Staff use a simple dashboard of icons to bold, italicize, and indent content, create bulleted and numbered lists, upload photos and PDFs, create  links, and more!

Bodkin & Mason’s other two goals are accomplished via the new website design.

Bodkin Mason WordPress website

Bodkin & Mason WordPress website (click larger after)

  • A fresh, new design, that meets the website standards of 2014
    • The width of the website page has been enlarged in order to match popular 2014 designs
    • The font has been changed from a stiff Times New Roman to a more modern font
    • A popular slide-out search button was added to the right of the top menu. The search box does not display until the button is clicked. Then it displays overlaying the design below the top menu. Upon clicking “Enter”, it scrolls away and the search results page displays.
    • The top menu still uses pull-down menus, but the style of the menus and the displays upon roll over and clicking have been updated to be consistent with popular menus on modern websites.
  • A redesign that gives a tone of strength, success, and modern
    • A tone of “strong, successful and modern organization” has been accomplished via the fonts, colors, images, components and functionality of the newly designed website. Prior to the design concept being created, research was done with regard to the look-n-feel and functionality of the websites of other successful personal injury law firms. This new design for Bodkin & Mason aligns with and exceeds the website offerings of those law firms.
    • Components that contribute to giving that tone are: the large graphic background, silhouette image of Bodkin & Mason on home page, use of deep, rich blue color, use of modern components like the slide-out search

The newly designed website is currently being built on a WordPress platform. More when the website redesign is launched!

Ten True Things about Social Media and Getting Found

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I am excited to be presenting Ten True Things about Social Media and Getting Found this Friday, Nov. 2, to the Women’s Bar Association in Worcester, MA.

Earlier in October, I attended the 2012 PubCon Conference in Las Vegas. PubCon is “the premier search and social media conference and expo”, and I look forward to it every year…I learn new things, witness success stories, become re-energized to continue working the social media landscape, validate that I am leading my clients on the right path, and network with attendees from many different countries working in all types of business situations.

I have my new to do list and will be rolling that out with each of my clients. Ten True Things about Social Media and Getting Found is an introduction to the things that need to be put in place in order to use social media – which includes your blogs – to help yourself get found on the Internet in 2013 and beyond!

WordPress SEO Teleclass for CDI – Follow Up

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Yesterday, I was the featured teleclass presenter for CDI, an international organization for career professionals.  I had been looking forward to presenting to the organization for some time. There was an excellent turn out with at least one country being represented for the first time. The bonus for me was the participants’ questions. They were very thoughtful and helped me understand where I can improve the presentation. Many thanks to CDI president, Laura DeCarlo (@careerhero) for extending the opportunity to me .

The presentation was based on a Kindle book I wrote, SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers, that was released to coincide with the presentation. I have installed and customized over 60 WordPress blogs and have been doing search engine optimization for a dozen or so years. I love talking blogs, and I love passing on tips and techniques that help others realize success through their own efforts! SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers teaches bloggers do-it-yourself search engine optimization techniques to employ while writing in their WordPress blogs in order to gain rankings in the search engines.   Learn more about SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers.

WordPress SEO Teleclass for Career Directors International

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

SEO for WordPress Power BloggersIt’s August and I’m already excited about a teleclass that I will be giving for Career Directors International (CDI) members in mid-September!  Career Directors International offers a good number of teleclasses throughout the year, and I am honored to be among the 2012 presenters. Thanks, CDI!

The teleclass carries the same title as my eBook, “SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers“. The goal of the teleclass, and indeed the eBook, is to shed light on the many opportunities that bloggers have to guide Google and the other search engines into making decisions in their (the bloggers’) best interest.

I’m on a mission to help WordPress bloggers understand that they have much MUCH more control over how search engines view them and, ultimately, list them in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  Many bloggers think that the placement of their blogs in the search engines is “done” to them; that the search engines decide where they are going to list them and that is that! 

It’s true that the search engines decide where to list the blogs – but – and here’s the big  BUT – that decision is based on the information that bloggers provide them.

“…decision is based on the information that bloggers provide …”
This will be the focus of  the teleclass… helping bloggers understand that they are in control and showing them exactly where in WordPress they can tell the search engines who they are and what they do.

WordCamp Boston in July

Friday, June 1st, 2012

This week I signed up for WordCamp Boston. I’m excited about this because I’ve known about the WordCamps for a couple of years; wanted to connect with other WordPress geeks like myself, and have been “just” missing the dates. I had been checking Boston, New York, D.C., Utah, Las Vegas… Every time there was a WordCamp, it had just taken place, or I was going to be in another state or attending another event.

Karen Callahan SmilingAnd… now the stars have aligned… and I am SMILING

What’s so hot about a WordCamp?
WordCamp is a place where people gather to talk about WordPress – and the WordCamp Boston this year is for 2 days (July 14 & 15). I’ve been talking about blogs since August of 2005. Started building them soon after, and, pretty much have stayed exclusively with WordPress. So for me – it is very exciting to connect with others who know the tool as well and BETTER than me. I can learn. I can share.

It’s going to be great weekend in July!