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How to Add a PDF to your WordPress Blog

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Uploading a PDF to your WordPress blog is very similar to uploading an image. The uploading is the same; its the use after the upload that differs. When you upload an image, you want it to display inside your post, but, when you upload a PDF, you want to link some words to it so Adobe Acrobat(tm) Reader can display it.

  1. Upload the PDF using the Image upload mechanism in your version of WordPress. Two ways to get there are:
    Image Upload in WordPress


    Upload a PDF to WordPress

  2. Go to the Media Section of the WordPress Master Menu.
  3. Look for the PDF and choose to  “edit” the PDF. I call this a “fake” edit because you cannot edit the PDF itself. You edit the information about the PDF.
  4. On the edit screen, look for the File URL. Copy the long URL.
  5. Edit PDF in WordPress

  6. Go to the Post (where you want to include the PDF)
  7. Find the words in your post that you want to link, or, add the words to your post.
  8. Select the words
  9. Select the link icon (looks like a chain on its side)
    Link PDF in WordPress
  10. When the link dialogue box appears, paste the URL of the PDF in the URL box that has http:// in it.  After pasting the URL into the box, look at the beginning of it to make sure that you have only one “http://”. If there are 2 or none, your link will not work.
    – Choose open in a NEW window
    – Enter a Title that is Keyword Rich (Help Google help you)
    – Class – no changes here (for my clients)