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SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers gets Love from Amazon

Monday, July 8th, 2013

My kindle book, SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers got some love from Amazon last week in the form of email advertising!

Yep, I opened my email to find this message from Amazon.

email from Amazon about SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers

Of course, when I saw the subject was the title of my kindle book, SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers, I thought that Amazon was going to give me bad news.

When I opened the email, I saw that Amazon was advertising SEO books related to WordPress. Glad to see my kindle book for WordPress SEO was at the top of the list!

Thanks, Amazon.

WordPress SEO Teleclass for CDI – Follow Up

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Yesterday, I was the featured teleclass presenter for CDI, an international organization for career professionals.  I had been looking forward to presenting to the organization for some time. There was an excellent turn out with at least one country being represented for the first time. The bonus for me was the participants’ questions. They were very thoughtful and helped me understand where I can improve the presentation. Many thanks to CDI president, Laura DeCarlo (@careerhero) for extending the opportunity to me .

The presentation was based on a Kindle book I wrote, SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers, that was released to coincide with the presentation. I have installed and customized over 60 WordPress blogs and have been doing search engine optimization for a dozen or so years. I love talking blogs, and I love passing on tips and techniques that help others realize success through their own efforts! SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers teaches bloggers do-it-yourself search engine optimization techniques to employ while writing in their WordPress blogs in order to gain rankings in the search engines.   Learn more about SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers.