My WordPress Wishlist for 2013

While adding information to my Google+ profile today, I was writing about how I have a love-hate relationship with WordPress. Mostly, I am a proponent, but, there are some things that I dislike about it – like it’s evolution into a bloated piece of software with piggy behavior that is just not needed by probably 89% of its userbase.

Here’s my WordPress Wishlist for 2013:

  1. That WordPress developers add a toggle switch that will SHUT OFF re-coding of my HTML when I am using HTML view.  I have a ton of experience and know where the tags go. Somedays, I fight with WordPress because it re-assembles my divs and paragraphs. Let me take responsibility for my blog. Do what I say and let me worry about how it will be interpretted in the browsers.
  2. That WordPress developers build in a toggle switch that turns versioning OFF so that sole proprietors like myself can avoid the overhead of having every ‘saved’ version of our posts being stored in the database.  Yes, WordPress saves EVERY SINGLE  ‘saved’ version of your post. I haven’t published this post yet, and already WordPress has 6 copies.

    Wordpress Versioning

    Wordpress Versioning on Unfinished Post

  3. That WordPress developers add a toggle switch that enables bloggers to TURN OFF the creation of multiple versions of photos. WordPress stores up to 4 copies of every uploaded image – the original and three others at sizes that it has predetermined. Let the blogger be responsible for the content. I always re-size images before uploading and teach my clients to do the same. I only need the version I upload.
    WordPress Creates Multiple=

    The image above was reduced to the exact size I wanted (355 x 90) yet - WordPress created two other versions

These are my top 3 wishes… What are you wishes for improving WordPress in 2013?

Commonwealth Consulting Group, Worcester MA launches website

Congratulations to Commonwealth Consulting Group who recently launched its website. Commonwealth Consulting Group (CCG) located in Worcester, MA and founded and managed by Keith Reardon and Brian Pelczarski provides electronic payment services to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Massachusetts. This website is the first website for CCG.

Commonwealth Consulting Group website

Commonwealth Consulting Group website

Karen (Adventures Online) worked with Keith (CCG’s project lead)  to define the business requirements for the website.  Karen and her virutal team designed and developed the website which features a page design created specifically for CCG, a custom video on the home page, and a custom-designed tab menu system for user-friendly access to information. The website was built on a WordPress platform which provides CCG the added bonus of being able to update the content at any time. 

In addition, the website was developed with a built-in SEO foundation, including back-end and front-end components that search engines look for when evaluating a website for ranking in the results pages, and, a tool was included so that CCG can continue reinforcing the search-engine friendliness of the website.

Ten True Things about Social Media and Getting Found

I am excited to be presenting Ten True Things about Social Media and Getting Found this Friday, Nov. 2, to the Women’s Bar Association in Worcester, MA.

Earlier in October, I attended the 2012 PubCon Conference in Las Vegas. PubCon is “the premier search and social media conference and expo”, and I look forward to it every year…I learn new things, witness success stories, become re-energized to continue working the social media landscape, validate that I am leading my clients on the right path, and network with attendees from many different countries working in all types of business situations.

I have my new to do list and will be rolling that out with each of my clients. Ten True Things about Social Media and Getting Found is an introduction to the things that need to be put in place in order to use social media – which includes your blogs – to help yourself get found on the Internet in 2013 and beyond!

WordPress SEO Teleclass for CDI – Follow Up

Yesterday, I was the featured teleclass presenter for CDI, an international organization for career professionals.  I had been looking forward to presenting to the organization for some time. There was an excellent turn out with at least one country being represented for the first time. The bonus for me was the participants’ questions. They were very thoughtful and helped me understand where I can improve the presentation. Many thanks to CDI president, Laura DeCarlo (@careerhero) for extending the opportunity to me .

The presentation was based on a Kindle book I wrote, SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers, that was released to coincide with the presentation. I have installed and customized over 60 WordPress blogs and have been doing search engine optimization for a dozen or so years. I love talking blogs, and I love passing on tips and techniques that help others realize success through their own efforts! SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers teaches bloggers do-it-yourself search engine optimization techniques to employ while writing in their WordPress blogs in order to gain rankings in the search engines.   Learn more about SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers.

WordPress SEO Teleclass for Career Directors International

SEO for WordPress Power BloggersIt’s August and I’m already excited about a teleclass that I will be giving for Career Directors International (CDI) members in mid-September!  Career Directors International offers a good number of teleclasses throughout the year, and I am honored to be among the 2012 presenters. Thanks, CDI!

The teleclass carries the same title as my eBook, “SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers“. The goal of the teleclass, and indeed the eBook, is to shed light on the many opportunities that bloggers have to guide Google and the other search engines into making decisions in their (the bloggers’) best interest.

I’m on a mission to help WordPress bloggers understand that they have much MUCH more control over how search engines view them and, ultimately, list them in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  Many bloggers think that the placement of their blogs in the search engines is “done” to them; that the search engines decide where they are going to list them and that is that! 

It’s true that the search engines decide where to list the blogs – but – and here’s the big  BUT – that decision is based on the information that bloggers provide them.

“…decision is based on the information that bloggers provide …”
This will be the focus of  the teleclass… helping bloggers understand that they are in control and showing them exactly where in WordPress they can tell the search engines who they are and what they do.