Our Approach

When developing¬†your blog or website, we think¬†“Big Picture”. We want to understand how your website fits into your marketing plan, aligns with your business goals, and augments your branding efforts. Why will your target audience be attracted and what will keep them coming back? And after the launch – what?

Your audience expects that you have a website. Adventures Online helps you distinguish your company from the competition.

Website development is a deadline-driven business. As such, organization and expectations are key. We have superb project management skills that enable us to deliver when we say we will. Throughout the project, we manage expectations and keep everyone on the same page.

Getting Started:

  1. Adventures Online meets with your website team leader. This is a one-hour complimentary session. We introduce ourselves and talk about your business objectives and end-point vision of your website.
  2. Your team decides to include Adventures Online in the RFP process.
  3. We meet again to exchange materials and talk more in-depth about your branding and objectives.
  4. Adventures Online prepares a proposal. The proposal includes a fixed-fee for completing the project.
  5. Your team reviews the proposal. Oftentimes, this is an iterative process where the proposal is revised until it most accurately reflects your business objectives.
  6. Once selected to work on your project, Adventures Online prepares the agreement.
  7. Your company official signs the agreement.
  8. Adventures Online assembles the technical team and we begin!

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