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My current favorite WordPress® plugin is Dynamic Widgets by Qurl. I had been wishing for a long time that such a plugin existed, but, having over 25 years programming experience, I understood the programming effort it would take, and never thought that anyone would invest the time.

Thanks to Qurl, we don’t have to wait any longer… and by the looks of the stats on theWordPress download page (as of 6/27/11),  I’m only one of tens of thousands who like this plugin! It has been downloaded over 47 thousand times already…

Dynamic Widgets WordPress Plugin

Best thing for me = My clients can add content (or images) to the sidebar and designate on which pages the content (or image) should appear, AND the client does not have to be a super-user.

The WordPress plugin lets you decide on a page-per-page basis whether you want a widget to appear in the sidebar or not.  You can select each page, or each section, or each type of page, or each category, and so on and so on. You can include entire groups of pages and exclude entire groups of pages.

Dynamic Widgets is powerful because it is so flexible AND easy to use. Here’s the description at the WordPress download page:

Dynamic Widgets gives you full control on which pages your widgets will appear. It lets you dynamic[al]ly place the widgets on WordPress pages by setting conditional rules with just a few mouse clicks by role, dates, browser, language (WPML), for the homepage, single posts, attachments, pages, authors, categories, archives, error page, search page, custom post types, custom post type archives, WPEC/WPSC categories, BuddyPress Components and BuddyPress Groups

Practical Application of Dynamic Widgets
So, say you want to display quotes in the sidebar and you want a different quote on each page. Up until now, you would have had to hire a professional web person to “fix it” so that you could add those quotes. Now, all you need to do is install Dynamic Widgets (or have your web professional install (and activate) it for you), then create a Text Widget for each quote.

Once the text widget is created, click on the word “static” at the bottom of the text widget next to “Dynamic Widgets”, and the Dynamic Widgets dialogue box will open up so that you can designate the pages to include the widget and the pages on which to exclude the widget.

Download Dynamic Widgets now!

(FYI – I am not affiliated in any way with the author of Dynamic Widgets nor WordPress – Just a long-time user of WordPress who is very enthusiastic about my latest best WordPress plugin!)

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