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One of my goals this year was to be more faithful and consistent with writing in my blog. An extension of that goal was to get my clients re-energized and re-focused about writing in their blogs. I was intermittently successful with each of those…I am still seeking consistency in blogging frequency. Which brings us to today’s topic.

I follow Daniel Scocco of dailyblogtips.com who sends out Daily Blog Tips (of course!). Recently, a guest post by Annabel Candy about the WordPress Editorial Calendar widget was posted in his blog.  Ms. Candy wrote about the 5 reasons bloggers will love the WordPress Editorial Calendar:

  1. It makes planning blog posts easy
  2. You can see your whole editorial calendar on one screen
  3. It’s easy to reschedule blog posts
  4. It helps you structure your blog content
  5. It allows you to be more creative

The WordPress Editorial Calendar widget is a tool that helps bloggers get organized with their blogging efforts. The WordPress Editorial Calendar is primarily a scheduling tool. It lets you look at all your posts in Calendar format (rather than the straight text lists that we see in the WordPress Dashboard 20, 40, 60 at a time) in order to see when they have been/will be published. You can drag and drop blog posts from one date&time to another.

For visual bloggers, I think this is an excellent tool. For bloggers who are also planners this is an excellent tool.

How can you be successful with the WordPress Editorial Calendar widget if you are a blogger who struggles to stay true to your blogging frequency goals?

Well, this tool forces us to be disciplined. It is a scheduler, not a blog post writer, so, we will still own the responsibility to come up with the topics and write the blog posts – but – once we get those pieces defined, we can data enter the posts, and then we will be able to see at a glance the “content” we are offering. Seeing that, we will be able to evaluate our work – Are we blogging about the topics that are of interest to our target audience? Are we taking the target audience on the trip that we intended? Are the topics in an order that will help our audience quickly and easily understand – or – is it going to be a bumpy ride?

WordPress Editorial Calendar Screenshot

WordPress Editorial Calendar Screenshot taken from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/editorial-calendar/screenshots/

Seeing the posts and the flow of topics will help each of us fine-tune our blogging goals and answer lots more marketing questions as we move through the year.

Read the article by Ms. Candy: 5 Reasons You’ll Love the WordPress Editorial Calendar


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