Test Your SEO Knowledge

Today I gave a presentation in my BNI group.  Last week I had been given a list of questions prepared by the group so that I would know what the members wanted to talk about. There were several questions about SEO.

I answered the questions by giving the group a mock quiz.

Test yourself and I’ll post the answers next week.

True or False

T     F      – It is impossible to do SEO without updating the pages at my website

T     F     – It is good to have my web pages submitted to the search engines on a frequent basis

T     F     – The geographical location of the server my website is on affects  the ranking of my website in the search engines

T     F      – The directory structure of my website affects the ranking of my website in the search engines

T     F     –  I can help my SEO by setting up my blog at another website so that I can drive traffic to my website

T     F     –  I can significantly impact my SEO by using certain techniques each time I write in my blog

T     F     – Flash adds no value to my SEO

Choose the one best answer

When I guest blog or publish an article at someone else’s website, my SEO will be better if they provide a link to:

A.    My Home page
B.    My About Us page
C.    A topic-related page in my website

When blogging, I’ll get the best SEO results by assigning………to a blog post.

A.    One category
B.    2 – 3 categories
C.    As many categories as are relevant


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