Business Attorney Jeffrey K Schaffer Launches Website

Congratulations to Adventures Online’s client Jeffrey K Schaffer, business attorney in Marlborough MA, on his new website. Jeff hired Karen Callahan to work with his designer, Justin Clapp of Clapp Design.

Jeffrey K. Schaffer business attorney Marlborough MA

Home page of business attorney Jeffrey K. Schaffer's new website


The design is unique in that it looks like there are multiple pages, however, there is only one physical page. Four requirements for website development were:

  1. Develop a responsive website so that the photos and text scale as the viewing device (phone, tablet, desktop, TV) changes
  2. Instead of repainting the whole page, bring pages up to meet the menu panel so that the menu panel is always on display and in the same spot.
  3. Display “highlights” about each section in a left sidebar in each section
  4. Use WordPress as the website’s base so that the client can update the content on each virtual page


  1. CSS was used to accomplish the responsive design requirement.
  2. JavaScript was used to “bring pages up” to meet the menu panel
  3. Four custom sidebar programs were created using PHP, registered in WordPress and selectively displayed using a third-party widget in order to accomplish the “highlights” requirement.
  4. A custom web page template was developed using PHP in order to include individual WordPress pages into the virtual pages of the website.

Jeffrey K Schaffer’s website

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