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I attended two presentations in May about blogs. Both times the presenter was Boston, Massachusetts resident, Amanda Watlington, search engine expert, turned blog and podcast expert and author. Ms. Watlington shared these blog statistics citing BlogPulse [link retired] as the source.

Blog stats for YE 2004 :

  • 69% of people reading blogs are btwn 25-50 yrs. old
  • 40% of people reading blogs have a household income of greater than $90K
  • There are 8 million bloggers (only 7% of 120M Internet users)
  • 27% of Internet users read blogs. That’s a 58% increase from 2003
    to 2004.
  • 62% of Internet users are not sure what a blog is.

In early June, BlogPulse reported that it had indexed more than 12 million blogs.

“It took less than six weeks, in fact, to move from 10 million blogs to the current 12.1 million in the BlogPulse index.”

“Of the 12-plus million total, between 3.8-3.9 million are considered “active” (meaning new information has been posted) in the last 30 days, 5.2 million are considered active in the last 60 days and slightly more than half have been active in the last 90 days.”

BlogPulse goes on to categorize the blogs as TV, Newspaper, Web site, Blog. [Read the blog entry]

Blogs are quickly becoming the marketing communications tool of choice for the Web.

2015 Update:

You can follow Amanda Watlington on Twitter here: @amandaw


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