WordCamp Providence: Saturday Keynote +

Saturday I attended WordCamp Providence, in Providence, RI. It was a full-day schedule, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., with an After Party starting at 7 p.m. After a long week of work, I was concerned about my attention span. No need… Each session I attended kept me energized, and looking forward to the next. Either I chose lucky or all the speakers were awesome!

Frederick Townes Mashable

Frederick Townes, Saturdays Keynote Speaker

Frederick Townes (Mashable, W3 Edge, Placester, +) gave the keynote. The take away was:

“It is all in the design.” Referring to the technical and functional design more than esthetic design.

Author of the hugely popular WordPress plugin, W3 Total Cache and co-founder of multiple businesses, Townes believes that the longevity, sustainability and success of his plugins and businesses are based on the attention and effort given to their fundamental design. His most recent endeavor is the Placester website for real estate professionals. Placester.com took over three years to develop and recently launched. Trivia: What made him write W3 Total Cache? He saw a need, thought it might be unsolvable, liked the challenge, and gave it a shot….2.5M+ downloads later…

After the keynote, the sessions began. Four sessions per time slot were offered. Sessions were color-coded by audience type: Beginner Developer, Intermediate Developer, Advanced Developer, and Enterprise/Marketer.

I attended

  1. Evolving your JavaScript with Backbone.js
  2. How we built 17,170,200 Websites in 6 Months
  3. Getting SASSy: Fun with CSS Preprocessors
  4. Employing Best Security Practices for WordPress Sites
  5. Borrowing from the VIPs
  6. WebGL? Introduction to using interactive 3D Graphics in WordPress
  7. Closing Wrap Up – Anything and Everything WordPress

I’ll write more about the sessions I attended later this week.


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