CrossFit of Marlboro Contest Custom Programming

CrossFit of Marlboro, Marlborough MA held a contest entitled 100 Push Ups for 100 Days

Business Requirements:

  1. Allow members participating in the Push Ups contest to enter the number of push ups they complete each day
  2. Allow members to access their own push up tallies and no one else’s
  3. Display tally of participants’ progress on the public website


  1. Create a password-protected data entry screen to captures members’ push ups each day

    Password Protected contest data entry screen

    Password-protected contest data entry screen

  2. Use “Participants” table to manage privileges and shield other participant’s information
  3. Create a screen to display members’ progress (See Push Up Contest Progress ) so other participants and CrossFit of Marlboro members can monitor the progress and cheer for their comrades


  • The contest data entry screen is defined in a custom PHP program that is referenced in WordPress’ functions file.
  • The built-in WordPress password-protection mechanism was used to control access to the contest data entry screen.
  • Participants and privileges are stored in a custom table inside the WordPress database.
  • The contest tracking data is stored in a custom table inside the WordPress database.
  • The contest progress display screen is a custom php program, also referenced via the functions file.

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