The Value of a Website in a Social Media World

The Value of a Website in a Social Media World is the name of the presentation I gave for the Women’s Business Council on Friday, February 14, 2014. The Women’s Business Council (WBC) is a sub group of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce. The presentation was given at the monthly luncheon of the WBC at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Marlborough, MA.

5 Questions about social media and websites were addressed:

  1. What is included in the Social Media umbrella?
  2. How do I know in which social media websites I should invest my time?
  3. Has the value of my website declined, increased or remained the same since I have been using the social media websites to get my message out?
  4. Does it makes sense to maintain a website and multiple social media websites? ( I’m posting everything on Facebook; can’t I just forget about my website?)
  5. If I keep my website, what do I need to do to it if I’m also participating on social media websites?

The Social Media World

Members of the audience shared which social media websites they use, and how they use them. Some use social media to raise brand awareness. Others use social media for first-line-of-defense customer service and support, to post job notifications, and to advertise new products and services.

Interestingly, each participant (or the business that they represented) had clearly defined reasons for using each social media tool. Not surprisingly, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn were the three most popular social media websites with which they engaged.


I shared 15 reasons for maintaining a website as well as participating in social media websites, and a chart with suggestions on how social media efforts can support website content and updates in ways that help a business gain visibility and credibility, and get found more easily (gain higher ranking on search engine results pages).

The SEOs

We wrapped up with a brief discussion about Social Engagement Optimization versus Search Engine Optimization.

Note: Discussion was limited to business use of social media.

Thanks to the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce and the WBC for inviting me to present. I thoroughly enjoyed the attendees and their engagement in the presentation.

Download the flyer about the The Value of a Website in a Social Media World presentation.


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