Subscription Feeds for your Blog

Many thanks to Chapman Deering, fictional writer and blogger extraordinaire, for today’s post on adding subscription feeds to your blog.

Chapman says…
When you first set up a blog, your initial focus might be on simply creating the blog and adding content. But before long you will want to spread the word to be sure your blog is getting read and to increase readership. One of the best ways to guarantee that readers will return to your blog is to offer them a way to subscribe.

A simple and FREE service for this feature is offered by FeedBlitz.

The steps are relatively simple.
First, register with FeedBlitz and set up an account. There are several different subscription feed plans to choose from. These are described at: FeedBlitz Blog Mail Service Plans. The Standard Account is free and seems to work just fine for a simple blog.

Information on signing up can be found at the FeedBlitz Blog Publishing Services page.

Once you have registered and have your account accepted by FeedBlitz you then select the type of html subscription form code that is appropriate for your blog, copy it and paste it into your blog template.

As an example, visit my blog Thoughts on the Journey
And click on the “Subscribe” tab at the top of the page.

  1. I created a separate page on my blog and named it “Subscribe”
  2. I then logged into my account at FeedBlitz, and went to the syndication section
  3. I selected “add a new syndication” (which means I want to add my blog to their system)
  4. Then copied the html subscription form code supplied by FeedBlitz, which included my account information, and pasted it into the code of my blog template on the “Subscribe” page I had created.

Now when someone subscribes to my blog his or her email address is submitted to FeedBlitz. FeedBlitz sends a confirmation email to the subscriber asking them to verify the subscription. And it’s a done deal. From that point forward, each time you add to or change your blog, your subscribers get an email inviting them to go visit your blog.

It’s simple and it’s FREE.

Blog on! – Chapman Deering

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