WordPress Editor Shortcuts

When you start out blogging with WordPress, using the visual editor and icons on top of the editing box are easy and convenient. When you become a power blogger and blog from different devices like your phone, your tablet, and your desktop, you get in a groove and don’t want to lift your fingers from the keyboard to get the mouse. It is at this point that it becomes easier to use the editor shortcuts.

Here’s a list of the Keyboard Shortcuts that use the CTL key (Command key on a  MAC):

What do you want to do?

  1. Bold
  2. Copy
  3. Cut
  4. Italicize
  5. Link: Insert/Edit
  6. Paste
  7. Redo
  8. Select All
  9. Underline
  10. Undo


  1. b
  2. c
  3. x
  4. i
  5. k
  6. v
  7. y
  8. a
  9. u
  10. z

More WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts


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