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I am still coming up to speed with all the adjunct websites that have Twitter plug ins and widgets, and was surprised to find a website yesterday, that measures the dollar value of your Twitter profile. Hummmm. How do they do that? What is considered in the measurement? And…how did this website become the authority? Is this website a member of the Twitter suite? A partner? An imposter? Who is Jonas Lejon? 

It is not clear to me today that this is legitimate, but, it will be if/when it catches on, and, for now, it is harmless fun.

How it Works

  1. You enter your Twitter profile name.
  2. The dollar value of your Twitter Profile displays on the screen.
  3. Then, you can leave, or
    1. Enter your e-mail address in order to be automatically updated when the value changes
    2. Click on a button that will Tweet your account name and value
    3. Cut-n-paste HMTL code to add to your website that will display the value
    4. Follow a link to another screen that will get you started if you want to sell your Twitter profile. Looks like this: Would you like to sell your Twitter account? Click Here

Interesting concept that one would want to sell their Twitter profile. I am participating as myself (KarenCallahanMA), so, selling my Twitter profile would not work. I guess if I were using a generic name like WordPressGuru, it could be sold.  I wonder how an audience would react…Do you tell your followers that WordPressGuru is “under new management”? That’s a post for another day.

I tested two Twitter accounts, my web developer/blog developer account and an account I have for one of my hobbies. Here’s the value and the stats for each. 

KarenCallahanMA – My “new” twitter account established a week and a half ago is valued at $19.
Stats are: 10 Updates, 79 Followers, 53 Following, 3 Direct Messages

HobbyAccount – Created a couple of months ago, is valued at $39.
Stats are: 41 Updates, 65 Followers, 156 Following, 7 Direct messages

HobbyAccount is worth more. The differences? The HobbyAccount has more Updates, more Following, more Direct Messages, and fewer Followers. I guess, overall, more activity.

Both accounts have low dollar value – but – not the lowest. I saw a Twitter profile this morning valued at $7.00.

The Twitter profile of a friend who uses a generic name and tweets 30 – 40 times a day about a single subject is valued at $2499.

Highly-valued Twitter profiles are:

  1. TheEllenShow is valued at $19,452.
  2. SEO Guru ChrisBrogan is valued at: $19,162.
  3. John Chow, the man who sold his WordPress blog for $15 million about seven months ago is valued at $12,834.

To find the dollar value of your Twitter Profile, go to

What do you think? Did you check the value of your Twitter profile? Will knowing its value impact your Tweeting activities?


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