Preparing for 2010

Traditionally, I use the week between Christmas and New Years to attend to the business infrastructure, transferring my own websites, upgrading software, data entering receipts and closing the books, and, basically, knocking off a number of the items on my “when I have the time” list. I also like to relax a bit, watch movies, meet up with friends, visit relatives.  

Well, this past week proved to be a crazy busy week. I

  1. Recreated a 45-page website for the client of a colleague whose site had been hacked.
  2. Took an online course in “Ajax”, one of the tools that is gaining in popluarity.
  3. Started an online course in a Content Management System that a new client is using.
  4. Installed a working XAMPP server on my laptop. XAMPP is an environment that acts like the web. It has Apache, MySQL, PHP, and PhpMyAdmin built into it. Now, when I visit (prospective) clients, I do not need to be connected to the Internet to demonstrate advanced functionality.
  5. Researched hosting vendors who specialize in working with resellers. (Want to add another vendor this year.)
  6. Data entered several month’s worth of receipts
  7. Watched a DVD for the second time in preparation for writing a review about it.
  8. Purchased and installed new tracking software and a Postregres database and server, and started customizing the interface by going through the first part of the 186-page instruction manual. <– Oh My!
  9. Updated the business plan
  10. Submitted websites to online directories and catalogs
  11. Updated my websites to have copyright dates including 2010
  12. Reviewed all the websites that I host to make sure that they are operating with enough room (bandwith and storage)
  13. Researched vacation rental homes (in anticipation of attending the Pubcon conference in Las Vegas in November). Contacted one of the property managers and will be closing the deal soon.
  14. Re-read and purged older e-mails
  15. Archived “old” clients’ online and paper files
  16. Filed some long-overdue papers
  17. Ran full system scans on the production and development systems several times throughout the week
  18. Defragged both systems
  19. Spent an afternoon cooking a full turkey dinner with a friend, and just relaxing and being
  20. Played no limit hold’em online
  21.  Shoveled, shoveled, shoveled – my driveway and entranceway as well as those of the next-door neighbor who is out of town

What about you? How’d you spend the week? Use comments to let us know.


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