Setting up Email in Outlook

I have Outlook 2010. These instructions contain the text/prompts that are in that version. If you do not have the exact wording, look for similar.

These are “generally” acceptable settings that work in lots of situations. Settings change machine to machine and ISP to ISP. For the settings for your exact situation, ask your provider — the person who set up your email.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click the FILE tab, then Account Settings
  • On the Email Tab, Click NEW
  • On the NEW Account dialogue box, tick Email Account, then click Next
  • On Auto Account Set Up, scroll to bottom and tick Manually configure…, then click Next
  • On Choose Service, tick Internet E-mail, then Next
  • User Information -This is used for Display in Outlook
    • Your Name: Your first name and your last name
    • Email address: xxyyzz@yourdomainname.nnn (i.e.,
  • Server Information – Your provider should give you this information
    • Account Type: Pull down to IMAP or POP3
    • Incoming: imap.yourdomainname.nnn or pop.yourdomainname.nnn
    • Outgoing: smtp.yourdomainname.nnn
  • Logon Information – This is used to log into the email account
    • User Name: xxyyzz@yourdomainname.nnn
    • Password: ***************
    • Remember Password – Check
  • Require logon using – Leave unchecked
  • On the right click MORE SETTINGS
    • Click on the outgoing server tab
    • Check My outgoing server requires authentication
    • Leave “Use same settings… ticked, click OK
  • Click on the ADVANCED tab
    • Incoming server = 143
    • Outgoing server = change from 25 to 587
  • Click OK
  • Now Test Account Settings
  • There should be two checks. If not, start at the beginning and double check.

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