WordCamp Rhode Island 2016

So, it looks like I have disappeared for a couple of months.  Not really, just wonderfully busy.  To catch you up, these weeks have been a flurry of activities; learning, developing, updating, and hopping from one conference to another. Before too much time gets away from me, I want to acknowledge the triumph of WordCamp RI 2016!

2016 WordCamp Rhode Island logo

This was the fifth year WordCamp was held in Rhode Island. Initially, it was held under the name of WordCamp Providence. Later the named was changed to include all of Rhode island, which more clearly represents the attendees of the WordCamp. The 2016 WordCamp RI was held September 30 & October 1, 2016 at the fabulous New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich, RI.

So what made this year so special?

I had the lucky job of greeting scores of attendees as I was one of the registration/checkin-in people. It was a terrific gig. I got to meet many WordPress enthusiasts. They spanned all skill levels, all ages, all employment situations. Some had projects planned. Some were in the middle of projects and came to get their questions answered, and some came to find out what the heck WordPress is.

It was my second year as co-organizer and I had a vested interest in it success – but – I have to tell you that it was even more of a success than I had imagined. Not only were there more attendees and more presenters than ever, but, on each day, attendees freely offered their opinions about the venue, the event structure, individual presentations, and even the food.  All gave SUPER positive feedback. It is so gratifying to hear accolades…especially when you have a behind-the-curtain view and understand the hours of thought, discussion, and actions that a whole team participated in in order to make the WordCamp event happen.  Kudos to Aaron Ware and his team at Linchpin of Pawtucket, RI who have spearheaded the event for several years. They, along with a handful of devoted WordPress enthusiasts like myself, were able to put it all together, and hundreds were able to enjoy it!

I had the good fortune of attending the Saturday keynote and a couple of presentations. Here’s photos from those.

John Maeda delivering keynote at 2016 WordCamp Rhode Island

John Maeda delivering keynote


Michelle Schulp presenting DIY Design

nate berger presenting at 2016 WordCamp Rhode Island

Nate Berger presenting “Avoiding Catastrophic Plug-In Failure: Best Practices are Born During Fire”

Planning has already begun for the 2017 RI WordCamp!

If you are a WordPress enthusiast and want to get involved and meet other enthusiasts, both the WordPress Rhode Island (also spearheaded by Linchpin) and the Boston WordPress meetup groups meet once per month. You connect with them here: WordPress RI Meetup, Boston WordPress Meetup


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