Adding Notepad to Your Windows Desktop

I frequently tell clients to NOT cut-n-paste content into their WordPress® blogs without first pasting it into Notepad™, then cutting it from Notepad. (Doesn’t have to be Notepad; any text-only editor will do.)

Cutting content from other blogs, websites, PDFs, and Word™ documents also cuts the behind-the-scenes code that makes the content look as it does.  Generally speaking, that formatting doesn’t match the formatting of content on your website.  So in order to maintain consistency in your blog’s look-n-feel, you strip out the behind-the-scenes code by pasting the content into a text-only program, then cutting it out of that and pasting it into your WordPress blog.

Here’s instructions on how to add Notepad to the icons on your desktop so it will be readily handy when you write in your blog.

I am using Windows XP. Set up on your system may be different, so, use these as a guide to know what to look for.

On your desktop:

  1. Right Click anywhere that is free of icons and a menu displays next to the cursor
  2. Scroll down to New, then Shortcut
  3. The Shortcut dialogue box displays
  4. Click the Browse button
  5. Double click My Computer, Local Disk C
  6. Scroll down to Windows and double click it
  7. Double click on Notepad.exe, then okay and “C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe” displays in the Shortcut window
  8. Click Next and Give it a name (Notepad)
  9. Then click Finish

One Response to “Adding Notepad to Your Windows Desktop”

  1. Karen Callahan says:

    Hi Meg –

    I use Notepad the same way as you. It is so easy when you have notes as “text only” because then you can cut-n-paste and don’t have to worry about dragging unwanted formatting.

    Thanks for the kind words about the website. It is a work in progress. For a little over a year now, I have been telling customers that they need to convert their websites to run on the WordPress blog platform. I’ve been preaching that at speaking engagements – and – I’ve converted a number of websites, but, had not converted my own. You know the story of the cobblers kids…

    I finally bit the bullet in late Februrary 2010 and started with the website conversion and am still rebuilding it. Trying to incorporate all the things on my What’s Hot and What’s Not list for 2010. Things like the fluid design format, menu at the bottom, and the social media in obvious position.

    Come back soon, as I will be adding a Poll and other functionality and refining the colors, sizes of sections, and overall design.