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Business Infrastucture Week

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

We’ve got that week coming up – the one between Christmas and New Year’s. Usually a slow week with regard to customer interaction, so, I plan business infrastructure projects for that week; upgrade software, research & test software; transfer one of  my websites, etc.

This year, I have that week planned six-ways-to-Sunday – and – it is going to be a challenge to prioritize tasks and determine which can be left for another day. My list of To Do’s includes:

  • Transfer my website
  • Upgrade the WordPress® core software and all the plugins on my blogs
  • Research MailWasher and MailWasher Pro
  • Finish my eBook – SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers
  • Learn about Kindle Direct® publishing and determine if it is a fit
  • Certification Course
    • Write the specs
    • Write the syllabus
    • Define the registration process
    • Finish the plan
  • Upgrade security software on production and development systems
  • Catch up/meet for lunch with business colleagues
  • Review my websites for outdated info and archive outdated info (copyright dates, event listings, statements like “for 12 years…” and “a decade ago…”)
  • Add the WordPress Editorial Calendar to “Karen’s Blog” and start planning out the content as I have been advocating

What’s on your list?