Client Success Stories

Linda Tatten of Travel by Tatten, Marlborough, Massachusetts, waited a while to have her website developed. Being in the travel industry, she had seen many cookie-cutter type websites. They all looked and functioned the same. She did not want that for herself.

Linda’s travel experience and professionalism differentiate her from other travel agents. She wanted that to be reflected in her website, and, she wanted her website to be visually colorful and interesting like so many of the countries she had visited, and provide a reason for visitors to return time and time again. Read Linda’s reflections on her website and working with Karen Callahan of Adventures Online.

Brigitte Casemyr of Turfbuilder Marketing works with clients throughout the world on their marketing efforts. She regularly calls on Karen to develop websites for her clients, and, even had Karen redesign and develop her own website. Read Brigitte’s reflections on working with Karen on a website re-design project for a local software vendor.